My research is articulated through different media, often taking shape of sculptural and performance-based projects that take over an environmental dimension.

I seek to negotiate the agentivity between a given environment and the subjects inhabiting it, proposing a vision of the human body as a place with porous boundaries, where multiple intentionalities meet. Language often becomes an integral medium of my work, intended as a privileged sphere from which to look at the human attempt to operate a translation of the natural and organic realms.

My practice attempts to look into the cracks of our daily life – also called the interstitial space, understood as a psychological, physical, temporal and liminal state – where our boundaries are potentially dissolved and conventional binary thought is put into crisis.

I used to collaborate with professionals and non-professionals and non-human entities, in order to build together immersive installations with an introspective ethos in which human and non-human agencies intersect, establishing a holistic relationship between technology and the environment that we inhabit. I embrace a deep ecological approach that questions human subjectivity, highlighting a communal space that constantly relates the inside with the outside of our bodies, until the loss of their distinction.

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